Our career enhancement programs provide a full scope of career readiness training and employment placement services to people who encounter challenges in maintaining sustainable employment.

This service provides a 12 months dedicated support to enhance your career.

Our programs help participants develop transferable job skills to lead to family sustaining jobs. The program is expected to provide the following benefits for participants:

  • • Provide opportunities for clients to get entry-level jobs from local employers
  • • Improve wage levels, increase access to employer supported benefits, and provide opportunities for advancement in the workplace
  • • Enhance professional skills and become more competitive in the job market
  • • Identify new personal skills and ways to move toward self-sufficiency
  • • Retain jobs for longer periods of time (jobs are more satisfying and family friendly)

This emphasizes short-term, demand-driven, job-focused post-secondary trainings. eFace helps participants overcome barriers to education by providing financial assistance to help pay tuition and fees to attend classes and training. Staff provide job coaching, and work with participants to develop individualized training goals that reflect their interest, aptitude, and local job opportunities.

£3999 Onwards

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