We are a technology driven business, ensuring we are robust yet flexible enough to accommodate an ever changing landscape, and we are one of the few providers able to demonstrate a fully tested business continuity plan, ensuring that we are able to offer our services without interruption.

eFace provides an employment solution for independent workers, taking the stress out of contracting. eFace will process your pay either weekly or monthly, paying relevant Tax and NI liabilities to HMRC and the rest to yourself, ensuring you are paid accurately and on time.

You can get paid either on a ‘pay when paid’ basis, or in advance of eFace receiving payment from your agency or client, subject to terms.

Before signing any contract paperwork, we will provide you with an income projection showing your net pay, based on your contracted rate. So, you will know exactly how your pay is calculated and the amount to expect each time you are paid.


Contractors working with eFace are safe in the knowledge that they are HMRC compliant. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the Intermediaries Legislation (IR35) in both the Public and Private sectors.

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